On this page you will find some of the white Poms currently in my breeding program; just click on the link at the bottom of this page and you will find their ancestors.
Click on thumb picture of each dog to see its genealogy and a larger photo.

Magic Star White du Panache d'Or

Luna Party With Me d'Arlande

Bandaï Dream From Russia

Lorelei Flower's Baby Girl

Just a Gigolo d'Arlande

New's Pomeranian Tedy Bear "Tiber"

Jezabel d'Arlande

New's Pomeranian Welen


Kurazh Svetlany Joyeuse Entrée

Jilda-Blanche de Brachy-Blanche

Ilou-Blanc de Brachy-Blanche

Iphigénie du Périgord Vert

Haribo d'Arlande

Hola Que Tal d'Arlande

Garance d'Arlande

Florestan d'Arlande

Fahra d'Arlande

Forest Gump d'Arlande

Dum-Dum d'Arlande

Chupa-Chups d'Arlande

Anita d'Arlande

You will find there retired dogs from the kennel and those who are already gone:


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