You will take note here of some of the reasons at the origin of the creation of my kennel located in France, in the middle of the
"Rhône-Alpes" area; between Lyon and Grenoble.


Already in 1963 ...

I was luck to grow up in a house where animals where everywhere. Among those of my childhood was one "Loulou from Pomerania", whose intelligence and affection largely surpassed her esthetical qualities. I owe my love for dogs to her.
When she passed away, I promised myself that her successor would be a "real" white Pom: registered in the genealogical books. About ten years latter, my dreams finally materialized.
During spring 1984, I acquired my first foundation bitch in Germany, and soon showed her; she returned from the show richly rewarded, while I returned with an inoffensive virus which I hope never to be cured of…


To begin my breeding program, I soon acquired other dogs whose pedigrees were based primarily on the well-known white German Spitz (Poms) kennels: Edelweiss vom Haus Gohled, Zur Waldeslust, Vom Badstein. The Dutch lines Van Turfland and Van Berietashof soon arrived to enlarge the family circle.
Unfortunately, it seems that the white variety, so widespread initially, no longer benefited from the interest it once inspired up to the second half of the 20th century; even in those countries where it was still relatively easy to find. In order to continue my selection, I was forced to turn to other sources and import from America, Australia and Asia, new breeding dogs. Thanks to the genetic inheritances of their illustrious blood lines (Hadleigh, Padockwood, Nabob, Kim Kara, Blitzen, Silver Meadow, Millamor…) and to a rigorous breeding program, these dogs allowed me to perpetuate this white variety which I love so much.


As I also like larger dogs, I naturally turned to the Keeshond, the largest variety of the same breed according to FCI rules. My first was born in Switzerland, of German, English and American origins. This bitch and her offspring were bred with males of old European lines. Their descendants were satisfactory, but did not really match my preferences.

Once more, to be able to reach my Kees' type sought, I had to import new breeding dogs, carrying the great lines: Wistonia, Ledwell, Neradmik, Bonnyvale, Candray, YanKee, Windrift, Keesbrook, Klompen

more than 50 years latter...

I decided not to breed keeshonds any more at the moment in order to dedicate all my energy to breed whites.




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